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Welcome to FPS Photography. We offer a variety of events and workshops for aspiring photographers of all experience levels to be able to grow as artists and show the world their vision. We hold themed photoshoots each quarter where members can pitch themes, direct the shoot, and photograph models. We also host biweekly photo challenges where members can submit their pictures for a chance to win prizes!


Email for more information.

Hi there, I’m Charlotte (she/her)! I'm a 4th-year Film and Television major with a Cognitive Science minor. This will be my fourth year in FPS and I’m very excited to serve as your Vice President! I served on the board last year as the Film Director, and I’ve had an amazing time in FPS throughout college. I hope to make your experience in FPS the best it can be! I’m looking forward to working with everyone and helping to make some awesome projects this year!

Photoshoots 2022 - 2023

Photoshoots 2021-2022

Photoshoots 2019-2020

Biweekly Photo Challenge

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