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Welcome to the FPS Media. We are here to provide you an opportunity to create without limits. 

We produce podcasts, long and short-format videos, skits, and more!

All you need is to pitch us your idea and we help you with the rest. 

Talking Pictures Podcast

The Talking Pictures Podcast is the official FPS podcast where members can pitch, host, and produce podcast episodes of varying topics! From discussing comfort films to hosting conversations with other student creatives, the opportunities are endless!

For more info to join, email

Illustration of a camcorder on a colorful liquid background. Text reads, "Talking Pictures"

Check out some of our episodes using the player or visit our Spotify Podcast page using the link below

Have an idea? 

We're always accepting new pitches year-round, so whether you have an idea for a Tiktok or a podcast episode, submit it now using the link below!

If you're interested in working in Media and meeting likeminded students, join the team using the link below!

Want to join the team?

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