Film Set


Passionate Student Filmmakers

The Film and Photography Society at UCLA is a student organization that brings passionate, like-minded individuals together in order to facilitate collaboration and learning.Everything you know about photography can be applied to film and everything you learn about filmmaking will also better your photography.

No matter your major or experience in multimedia, FPS welcomes anyone interested in the process of creation. You just have to take a look at the diversity of our members to see that this is true. At any given meeting you’ll find undergraduate and graduate students from every corner of campus and from a wide variety of backgrounds. Alumni and members from outside the direct UCLA community are welcomed as well.You can sit in a classroom and take notes all you want, but unless you get your hands dirty and get practical experience, your knowledge will be limited. We combine educational workshops with productions and photo shoots that provide opportunities for our members to grab a camera, pick up a boom mic, work on producing, or have their stories and shoot ideas turned into a reality.

Meanwhile, we are building relationships and networks that will last for years to come.Ultimately, FPS is about two things: uniting a network of students and alumni who are seeking to enter the entertainment industry, and getting as much hands-on experience as possible in order to do so.

Come shoot with us!